18 September, 2008

Let's Celebrate Too Much To Do!!!

Why is it that when you have one thing planned, it seems like three other things come up at the same time? I am celebrating too much to do!! This weekend I have a church retreat, which means that I am going to miss some other things...a friend wanted to go to the movies, there's a program going on at the museum, etc., etc. BUT...I WILL be able to make a doll show on Sunday after the retreat. Yea!

So today I am celebrating being too busy...don't fight it---embrace it. It means that you are taking advantage of life and living it to the fullest. So as you are rushing from here to there, doing this and that, take a few seconds to smile to yourself and know that life is as it should be. And celebrate!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


13 September, 2008

Happy International Chocolate Day!!

So having your computer in the repair shop is no fun! There's definitely no celebrating that!! Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong and get my computer back to me soon.

Anyway...I had the chance to finally download my birthday picture.

As I mentioned before, it was cupcakes from Molly's. YUM! And yes, that's the Italian Vogue, all Black issue in the background. Thank goodness for friends...one of mine found a newsstand that had this issue and it was awsome!!

Speaking of celebrating (that is what I am doing here afterall), I am celebrating a bit of local celebritydom (yep...new word). I was featured in a local magazine, Time Out Chicago. It was a photo contest and I was one of 5 honorable mentions. Go me!!

Here's the (honorable mention) prize winning pix...

The theme of the contest was transit in Chicago, and here's me going for the bus. To see the other pix, here's the link. I mention this because yesterday, my prizes arrived. Not too shabby...in addition to a city guide and a restaurant guide from Time Out Chicago, I won a bicycle tour for 2 and a $25 gift certificate to an upscale pizza restaurant. Celebrating!!

Here are some more things to celebrate:

  • Today (September 13th) is International Chocolate Day...need I say more?
  • Monday, September 15th is the Harvest Moon. If the weather participates, what about celebrating with a nice moonlit stroll?
  • Thursday, September 18th is International Women's Ecommerce Day. Do some on-line shopping and celebrating!! Any excuse for shopping!!!
  • Friday, September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. There's so much you can do with this one!! Have a treasure hunt...wear a stuffed toy parrot on your shoulder...eat some Chips Ahoy cookies---see, celebrating doesn't mean alot of work.
Happy International Chocolate Day!!


07 September, 2008

Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!

Yes sports fans…this weekend marks the official start of football season!! From now until Superbowl XLIII on February 1st, the boys of the NFL will be pounding the pigskin for bragging rights to be THE best team. I love football season!! My favorite teams are actually playing each other on Sunday: The Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts.

With football season comes the start of the tailgate season. Tailgating has been taken to a whole new level in the past few years. What started out as throwing some hotdogs on a grill and having a beer has manifested itself into the most serious of cooking occasions. Now there are gourmet meats and wine and fancy table clothes too!

I remember a long while ago there was a tv show on ABC (I think it was called the HOME Show). They showed a party set-up that was 2-die-4!! They took the fake grass that you buy at home improvement stores and crafted a mini-football field to use as the buffet table. There are so many themed items you can buy and make for football celebrations. Just look around from now until Superbowl and you’ll find all kinds of cute ideas.

So what a perfect opportunity to celebrate…the start of football season---and every weekend from now until Superbowl! You can do it simple or complex…for football fans or not…just have fun!! And throw a hotdog on the grill for me!!



01 September, 2008

Happy birth day!!!

It’s my birthday so what better time to start my blog---especially since it’s about celebrations! Not that I have anything special planned for my birthday…just deep dish pizza from my favorite pizzeria, Gino’s East, here in Chicago, IL (http://www.ginoseast.com/). I’ve loved this pizza since high school…and that was well over 20+ years ago. They have a really interesting crust…kind of like a corn-bread. The crust is topped with a nice thick layer of cheese and then it’s topped with a giant sausage patty…that’s right, there’s sausage in every bite! Finally, it’s topped with a sweet but tart chunky tomato sauce. YUM!! And to round out my birthday dinner…I’ve got a cupcake from a place called Molly’s Cupcakes (http://www.mollyscupcakes.com/). It’s such a cute place!! They have bright, colorful tables, old school games like Jenga and Connect Four, a ton of wonderful cupcake flavors (including build your own) and swings! Yes, that’s right…swings…like the kind you find at a playground. I found this place listed on one of the cupcake blogs that I frequent, went there and fell in love with 3 flavors…key lime (has a tart lime filling inside), build your own with a yellow cupcake and their brown butter icing, and the ultimate…Chocolate Decadence…oh my!

Well, blogs are supposed to be brief, which will be challenging for me---I’m rather long winded, but before I end my first entry, I just wanted to outline what I want my blog to be. I plan to share interesting little tidbits, fun (and unknown) holidays, ideas to help celebrate life and references to some of my favorite things. I want it to be a fun place---a place for you to take a little get-away to, to learn from and to share with others…and most importantly, a place where you learn to celebrate life more often. My plan is to post once or twice a week---so please stop by at least weekly to celebrate with us. Please feel free to share your celebrations…everyday celebrations as well as fancy, special ones. I’m not-so-technical so this blog will grow as I become more familiar with setting things up and adding things. Finally, I will be writing this blog thru my alter ego…my Barbie doll named Pixxa (pronounced PICKS-za). I love Barbie (I’m sure I’ll share more about this later) and Pixxa is a doll that I often travel with. Pixxa’s world is perfect…so who better than her to help us learn to celebrate life!!

That’s it…I’m officially a blogger! Happy Birthday to me!! Happy birth day to The Occasion of Celebration!! Welcome!!

Celebrate…and have a FANTASTIC day!!