13 September, 2008

Happy International Chocolate Day!!

So having your computer in the repair shop is no fun! There's definitely no celebrating that!! Hopefully they can figure out what is wrong and get my computer back to me soon.

Anyway...I had the chance to finally download my birthday picture.

As I mentioned before, it was cupcakes from Molly's. YUM! And yes, that's the Italian Vogue, all Black issue in the background. Thank goodness for friends...one of mine found a newsstand that had this issue and it was awsome!!

Speaking of celebrating (that is what I am doing here afterall), I am celebrating a bit of local celebritydom (yep...new word). I was featured in a local magazine, Time Out Chicago. It was a photo contest and I was one of 5 honorable mentions. Go me!!

Here's the (honorable mention) prize winning pix...

The theme of the contest was transit in Chicago, and here's me going for the bus. To see the other pix, here's the link. I mention this because yesterday, my prizes arrived. Not too shabby...in addition to a city guide and a restaurant guide from Time Out Chicago, I won a bicycle tour for 2 and a $25 gift certificate to an upscale pizza restaurant. Celebrating!!

Here are some more things to celebrate:

  • Today (September 13th) is International Chocolate Day...need I say more?
  • Monday, September 15th is the Harvest Moon. If the weather participates, what about celebrating with a nice moonlit stroll?
  • Thursday, September 18th is International Women's Ecommerce Day. Do some on-line shopping and celebrating!! Any excuse for shopping!!!
  • Friday, September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. There's so much you can do with this one!! Have a treasure hunt...wear a stuffed toy parrot on your shoulder...eat some Chips Ahoy cookies---see, celebrating doesn't mean alot of work.
Happy International Chocolate Day!!


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