30 October, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Well...tomorrow is Halloween!! Time for spooky ghosts and goblins to roam the streets playing tricks and begging for treats! Halloween is a holiday that I kind of like. I like the cute costumes, the fun decorations, and the candy. I don't like the scary, the gore and the evil parts.

Halloween is a GREAT occasion to celebrate. I will be celebrating at a party my friend has put on for 6 years, BOOvie Night. Each year she makes a big vat of chili and invites friends over for themed movies. This year we're watching vampire movies. Hopefully we'll have the old ones that I won't get scared from.

As you prepare for whatever Halloween festivities that you will have, I wanted to share something that was passed on to me. It's a site where you can carve your own virtual pumpkin. It was rather fun and very easy to do.

Here's the link: Carve your own virtual pumpkin Just click START on the lower right side of the screen and the site walks you through the process.

Looking for some last minute tips, ideas, costumes, menus?

Check out my favorite girl, Martha Stewart. And here's a listing of some of her fun projects and tips.

Okay...that's all for now. I'm making chocolate covered pretzels for the party and I've got to get things laid out for tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!!


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