07 October, 2008

My how time flies!!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. Let’s see…what have I been up to?!! Celebrating of course!! I went to a weekend Women’s Church retreat and had an absolutely fabulous time!! It was a great experience with lots of self-discovery, planning, and spiritual growth. I even completed a treasure map (if you don’t know what it is, this site might help you to understand (http://www.creatavision.com/articles/make-treasure-map.htm), and it’s working!! It’s helping me to visualizing the things I want of my life.

During the weekend, we had some free time for self-reflection, self-discovery, or (dare I say it…) shopping. I chose to go to the movies to see The Women. http://www.thewomenthemovie.com/index.html. It was a cute, feel-good, movie – perfect for an afternoon break during a woman’s weekend.

Yes, it was a great weekend celebrating me, my spirituality, and being a girl!!

The week following the retreat was filled with work by day and purging “stuff” by night in preparation for a Saturday Yard Sale. I pulled out clothes and collectibles and dust catchers…5 plastic bins and 4 big garbage bags full of “stuff”. Yes, I am celebrating getting rid of “stuff”!! Unfortunately, I only sold one item all day, but hopefully the charity that picked up the stuff will be able to help others with it. Celebrating getting rid of the clutter and the help it may be to others!!

Did I mention that I have been enjoying all of the new shows? I am a tv addict and have been spending way too much time watching television. My favs...Boston Legal, America's Next Top Model, Ghost Whisperer, The Unit, Amazing Race, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing With The Stars, Private Practice and Criminal Minds. Celebrating the fall tv season!!

Yesterday (actually 2 days ago since it’s already Tuesday), I helped a friend at a craft fair. She sells check book covers (her company name is soooooo cute…Cover My Checks), ID holders, keychains, compacts, bookmarks and luggage tags. (Here’s her website if you’d like to see her products http://www.covermychecks.com/ ). It was fun meeting people and talking to them and seeing all of the creative things that people make and sell and buy. And boy…I had THE BEST chocolate covered pretzel while I was working…YUM!!! (email me and I will send you their contact information)

Well, as you can see, just because I’m not blogging, doesn’t mean that I’m not celebrating!! But since I’ve shared some of my recent celebrations, I think it’s only fair that I share some reasons for YOU to celebrate!!

  • October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month (http://www.popcorn.org/). The purpose is to celebrate the wholesome, economical, natural food value of popcorn, America’s native snack. Go pop some popcorn!!
  • October is also Spinach Lover’s Month (http://www.ilovespinach.com/). Think Popeye!!
  • October 5th-11th is The Magic of Differences Week. This week is devoted to affirming the wonderous discovery and adventure, learning and expansion that are only possible through experiencing the value of our differences. (http://www.judithandjim.com/)
  • October 8th is International Top Spinning Day (www.topmuseum.org/20.html). Celebrate by spinning a top wherever you are.
  • October 8th is National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work (and School) Day (sponsored by Teddies are the Answer; San Mateo, CA). Celebrate the help, stress relief and joy that teddy bears bring into the lives of people of all ages.

And now’s the time to start planning your celebrations for:

  • International Skeptics Day, October 13th
  • National Grouch Day, October 15th
  • National Boss's Day, October 16th
  • Get Smart About Credit Day, October 19th
  • Sweetest Day, October 21st
  • Cranky Co-workers Day, October 27th
  • National Candy Corn Day, October 30th
  • And of course, Halloween on October 31st

So get planning to get celebrating!!

As for me…I’m going to celebrate going to bed…



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