20 November, 2008


Friday, November 21st is World Hello Day. What a fun day---to participate you simply say "hello!" to 10 people. How easy is that? Well, now that I think about it, maybe it's not as easy as I think. I am a city girl, but I do remember the "good 'ole days" when people would greet each other on the street. I try to do this now in my neighborhood...when I walk past people I smile and will say "good morning" (obviously if it's morning). Most people will reciprocate with a smile and a quick “morning”, but sometimes the responses that I get are laughable. My favorite is one man who thought I was flirting and he ended up following me for half a block and asking for my phone number. Too bad he wasn’t my type!!

The origin of this “holiday” started as a result of the conflict between Egypt and Israel in the Fall of 1973. Since then, it has grown and is celebrated annually in more than 180 countries. The main purpose of this celebration is to show how important communication is especially for preserving peace. And how simple is speaking to 10 people and becoming a contributor to making world peace happen!!

And how can we talk about hello without mentioning "Hello Kitty"? You can check out all things Hello Kitty at their website: http://www.sanrio.com/

So tomorrow, Friday, November 21st, make sure you say “Hello!” to 10 people and help to make world peace a reality. For more information on World Hello Day, please visit their website. And if you'd like to spice it up, here's a site where you can learn to say hello in many languages.

Say HELLO and celebrate!!

Luv Ya!!


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