15 December, 2008

Celebrating the Season!!

Sorry that I haven't written in a bit...I've been a little preoccupied---It's Christmas time!! My favorite time of the year!!! People are a little nicer...there are sparkling twinkle lights everywhere...Christmas carols...classic cartoons...special Church services...parties and get together with friends...and my all time favorite---shopping!!

Speaking of classic cartoons...when I was little, there were 3 cartoons that were always played on our local network, WGN. I've found them on YouTube in case you'd care to share in the fun!

SUZY SNOWFLAKE (courtesy of the Museum of Broadcast Communications)

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN (courtesy of the Museum of Broadcast Communications)

HARDROCK COCO AND JOE (courtesy of the Museum of Broadcast Communications)

There are so many ways to celebrate during this time of year. There are the formal holidays...Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve/Day; and you can just celebrate the simple things. I went to a cookie party yesterday. It was a small, intimate get-together of 7 people of all different kinds of backgrounds and we came together to taste cookies. As we shared time together, we found many other things in common and everyone had a GREAT time!!!

Something else that I am planning to do for the season...visiting the Museum of Science and Industry for their annual Christmas Around The World Christmas Tree display. I think there's about 50 trees decorated to represent various countries around the world. The trees are beautiful and it's a cultural walk as you learn various traditions from all around the world.

Another way I'll be celebrating this season is by doing something I've never done before. I'm going to a movie theatre with some friends for a Christmas movie double feature and sing along. The movies are "It's a Wonderful Life" and "White Christmas". I've never seen either of these movies before (yea, go figure)and I am looking forward to it. The last time I did audience participation was Rocky Horror Picture Show and I LOVED that, so I know this is going to be fun!!

Well, I've taken a long enough break. Just wanted to check in. Now it's back to the Christmas preparations...

Take a little time everyday to celebrate this wonderful season!!

Luv Ya!!

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