23 January, 2009

Celebrating...being on a break

Since I seem to have neglected my posting duties here, I thought I'd at least post some musical relief for you! It's been a busy, busy month and I'm still smiling and basking in the glow of the history that was made earlier this week. In honor of that, here are two of my favorite songs:

America's Song!

It's A New Day!!

05 January, 2009

Celebrating 2009

Welcome 2009!! This has been a great year so far!! I had dinner with a friend on New Year's Day. We spent almost SIX HOURS at Chili's and had a GREAT time!! She had Southwestern Egg Rolls and LOVED them!My husband Michael and I shared the burger bites. (They came with fries AND onion rings YUM!)

We're so messy...I had crumbs on my sweater...

and he had jalapeno ranch dressing on his face.

And we all shared the most scruptious dessert that I have EVER had!!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Molten Cake, a warm chocolate chip cookie cake with milk chocolate fudge filling. Topped with vanilla ice cream under a crunchy chocolate shell. OH...MY...GOD!!!

Then on Saturday (the 3rd), I met a friend at Fatburger, which is new to the Chicago area.
They ordered and enjoyed the food:

Pixxa had a Fatburger with cheese

Nolee sipped on a chocolate shake

and Michael dove right in to the onion rings.

With all of this food, it's a good thing that today's Oprah show was about being your best self and falling off the (weight) wagon. Looks like I will be joining her and Bob Greene for next week's webcast on diet and exercise. Check out Oprah's website if you're interested in her week-long series of "Live Your Best Life". Today's focus was diet, weight and exercise, tomorrow is health with Dr. Oz, Wednesday is spirituality, Thursday is finances with Suze Orman and Friday is relationships. Then starting next monday, there are webcasts to help get us on track!

So I've started the year celebrating with friends and food...now I am celebrating getting myself together!! Hope your 2009 is getting off to a wonderful start too!!!

Don't forget...CELEBRATE!!