09 February, 2009

Celebrating...All The Single Ladies

As Beyonce sings "All the single ladies...all the single ladies...now put your hands up! oh oh oh oh oh oh..."

Single on Valentine's Day? Well there is no need to despair. Just because Valentine's Day is traditionally seen as a couples holiday doesn't mean that single girls can't have fun too!!

One of the blogs I read, CraveCrush/CraveParty provides the following list of things to do:

V-Day Alternatives for Single Gals (taken from http://cravecrush.craveparty.com/ Feb 9th, 2009 post)

Boyfriend-less on Valentine’s Day? Don’t sweat it–seize the opportunity to round up the troops and participate in a sassy, satisfying activity… sans men!

We’ve compiled a list of V-Day alternatives across the US.

Grab your girls and attend a rare screening of the most romantic film of all time, Casablanca, at the The Music Box Theater.

San Francisco
Enjoy an Anti-Valentines’s Day interactive dinner at CookWithJames a hip, underground supper club for both couples and single people who just want to get together in a nice home, drink some wine and have some wonderful food. Indulge in a beautiful multiple course meal which will include a delicate burrata salad with wild arugula and roasted red and yellow beets, hand-made potato gnocchi with butter and sage, a winter braise of Prather Ranch beef, and saffron panna cotta for desert. The deal is that some of you will assist James in making the gnocchi! For those who do not wish to cook you can relax, drink wine and watch theaction!

Throw a Babeland Party with your closest, uninhibited girls! Babeland offers a variety of smart and sexy options for your special soiree. Babeland’s Tupperware-style toy parties and workshops offer theirbest-selling products, plus practical tips and techniques.

Drool over diamonds at the Royal Ontario Museum. The Nature of Diamonds is a reprise of Diamonds, an exhibition that was created by the American Museum of Natural History, which toured throughout the United States in the 1990s. This is the first time that the spectacular diamond display has appeared in Canada. The exhibition includes more than 500 pieces differing from Diamonds, with new computer-animated components and multi-media shows to illustrate the history of the jewels.

Kick it old school by attending a unique sleepover with your girls… and 70,000 amazing animals at the Vancuver Aquarium’s ultra-fun, uber unique, adults only event “Hugs & Fishes.” Travel with your guest on an exclusive “Seafari of Passion”. Explore on your expedition, aquatic courtships with our own leading expert “Dr. O. Love”. Enjoy learning Sushi 101 with a complimentary glass of wine. In addition, there will be a cashbar until bedtime, a chocolate buffet, cheeses of the world, and much, much more!

Feeling a tad cynical, or a little wild? Sign up for the Love Stinks, Let’s Drink Anti-Valentine’s Day Cruise. The bus adventure involves dancing, a little karaoke, and a whole lot of partying, up, down, and all around P-town. Pay no covers, get drink specials, and complimentary appetizers, too. $20 apiece or $175 for a group of ten. Pay no cover charges, enjoy drink specials and complimentary hors d’oeuvres, too!

This is the list that they compiled, but why not make your own. What about a build your own cupcake party...or a Sex In The City viewing party...or invite your friends over to sip some wine and make Valentine's for a Senior Center or a Hospital Ward. The ideas are endless. The objective...have fun!!

Luv Ya!

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