01 February, 2009

Celebrating...SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!

I must admit that I am not a huge football fan. I don't have a problem watching football games and if any of the teams that I like are in the playoffs or beyond, I am estatic---but one thing that I DO love about football is The Superbowl! The excitement leading up to it, the day-of pagentry, from the pre-pregame show to the post-postgame show...I love it. And while I LOVE the game...the BEST part for me are the Superbowl COMMERCIALS!!

This year I was somewhat bummed because I wasn't able to find the 3-D glasses that were to be used for 2 of the commercials, but I forged ahead anyway. Four o'clock and I am ready to watch. Well 5-1/2 hours later, I must tell you that I was not impressed. Most of the commercials were dull, lacked content/humor/excitement and were a huge disappointment! Thank goodness the game was good or it would have been a wasted evening!! Yes, I was routing for Pittsburgh, so I am happy with the outcome, but the Cardinals (who are originally from Chicago...hee-hee) should feel GREAT about the wonderful game that they played!!! I love it when the game has you on the edge of your seat...biting your findgernails...hoping that your team can pull it off!!! And that's what today's game was! Thank goodness because the commercials...let's just hope they are better next year!!

I did manage to find a few that weren't so bad (in my opinion). The first one was my fav...not because it was a take-off of the Mean Joe Green, but because of the Product Management twist (yes, my marketing background was thoroughly amused). I liked my second fav for a similar reason...Telaflora went directly after their competition...GREAT MOVE!! My third fav...I just thought it was a good combination of old and new in this new time of change. Here's a peek...

Coke Zero: Mean Troy

Teleflora: Talking Flowers

Pepsi: Refresh Anthem

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