13 April, 2009

Celebrating...Post Easter

For the record, I have a really cute Easter outfit that I wanted to post a pix of me wearing, but Stephanie can't seem to find her camera so I haven't had the pix taken yet. Maybe tomorrow!

Well, Easter is over and all that remains are the candy from the Easter Baskets. Well, I was reading a newsletter from SeriousEats.com and they had a very neat idea for those leftover Peeps. Click for complete instructions.

S'meeps from SeriousEats.com
Enjoy! And...celebrate!!

Luv Ya!!

12 April, 2009

Celebrating...A Happy Easter!!

Well, Easter snuck up on me this year. Palm Sunday came and went and I didn't even realize it had happened. That's a sure sign that I have been away from the Church for too long!

As a Christian, I know that Easter is the celebration of The Ressurection of Jesus Christ, and that it is a day that should be treated with the utmost religious respect. But being a creative person, I just love the decorating all that helps to make this day even more special.

One of the things I came across this year was from my favorite, Martha Stewart. She showed the simplest decorated eggs that I thought were brilliant...in more than one way! They were brilliant because they were so simple and I had never thought of it before AND they were brilliant because they were so sparkly and brightly colored!

What are they? Glittered Easter Eggs! After blowing out the eggs (I wouldn't recommend these on hard boiled eggs because you would want glitter that close to anything you plan to ingest), merely paint on some white craft glue and sprinkle on the glitter. I LOVE IT!!

No, I didn't get around to making any this year, but I wanted to share with you this simple craft. The instructions and video can be found via this link to Martha Stewart's website. And this is something that once you make, you can keep year after year after year. So hold on to these instructions...because these are just too cute to not make!!

I hope that you had a blessed Easter!!

Luv Ya!

03 April, 2009

Celebrating...Marvin Gaye

Pixxa is turning this post over to Stephanie...

Growing up, I remember spending many hours listening to one of my Mother's favorite singers, Marvin Gaye. From this, I grew to love him too!! His birthday was yesterday (April 2nd) and though I neglected to take the time to post yesterday, I thought I'd find a few clips for you to enjoy. Happy Belated Birthday Marvin!!

To me, Marvin Gaye was a musical genius. One of my favorites of his is song What's Going On?..which unfortunately is still applicable some 30+ years later. How sad is that?

And of course you wouldn't be celebrating Marvin Gaye without some Mercy, Mercy Me, another timeless gem.

And while I enjoy all of his music, I think my all time favorite song of Marvin Gaye's is Distant Lover:

And just for good measure...If I Should Die Tonight:

Along this same vein of talking about life, I'd like to post a link to a blog I follow. I think her post from a few days ago was EXCELLENT! Click here

This post is dedicated to my Mom...hope you got to see Marvin Live in Heaven!! I love you Mommy!!

And as Pixxa would say, celebrate!!

Luv Ya!!