03 April, 2009

Celebrating...Marvin Gaye

Pixxa is turning this post over to Stephanie...

Growing up, I remember spending many hours listening to one of my Mother's favorite singers, Marvin Gaye. From this, I grew to love him too!! His birthday was yesterday (April 2nd) and though I neglected to take the time to post yesterday, I thought I'd find a few clips for you to enjoy. Happy Belated Birthday Marvin!!

To me, Marvin Gaye was a musical genius. One of my favorites of his is song What's Going On?..which unfortunately is still applicable some 30+ years later. How sad is that?

And of course you wouldn't be celebrating Marvin Gaye without some Mercy, Mercy Me, another timeless gem.

And while I enjoy all of his music, I think my all time favorite song of Marvin Gaye's is Distant Lover:

And just for good measure...If I Should Die Tonight:

Along this same vein of talking about life, I'd like to post a link to a blog I follow. I think her post from a few days ago was EXCELLENT! Click here

This post is dedicated to my Mom...hope you got to see Marvin Live in Heaven!! I love you Mommy!!

And as Pixxa would say, celebrate!!

Luv Ya!!

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