01 May, 2009

Celebrating...Happy May Day!!!

Here it is, May 1st. This day is known as May Day. There are several different types of celebrations for May Day but the earliest had to do with the Festival of Flora, the Roman Goddess of Flowers. And though I have never seen one in real life, May Day is best known, in the US anyway, for dancing around the Maypole.

For me, May Day respresents the coming of summer. We've had the April showers so now it's time to enjoy the May flowers. I love the first flowers of the season. I have tulips in the garden and they are ending their bloom cycle now. The other plants and flowers are growing in nicely and I love to walk the gardens and enjoy the renewed life.

For more information, Wikipedia had a very nice write-up of May Day in many countries across the world.

However you celebrate it, or if you don't celebrate it at all, I'd like to wish you a happy May Day!!

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ABG said...

You celebrated May Day (1st) but you did not celebrate and/or mention celebrating Derby Day (2nd)? :-) Considering you were the recipient of some Derby cheer, you definitely should have celebrated Derby Day. Here's to celebrating...