25 June, 2009


What a crummy week...Tuesday, Ed McMahon...then this morning Farrah Fawcett...but this afternoon hearing that Legendary King of Pop, sensational entertainer and musical genius, Michael Jackson died was just shocking!! I didn't believe it at first...how could this star who I grew up with be gone?

Yes, we'll all have to take a bit of time to mourn the loss of these people who have contributed so much to our entertainment. In the meantime, everyday life goes on. Yesterday, a 9 year old little girl was outside giving her dog a bath and was gunned down and killed. I was saddened to learn that a little 2 year old child from Gary, IN who was possibly abducted over a week ago, was found dead. Killing a little 2 year old? Killing a 9 year old? They never had a chance to make their impact on the world!!!

So in honor of those we have lost this week, I want to remind everyone to celebrate life. Yes, sometimes it gets hard...bills are due, paychecks are short, people upset you. There is so much negative to focus on. But instead, try to focus on the positive. I had a fortune cookie last night and my message was "failure is opportunity in disguise". If that doesn't say turn a negative into a positive, I don't know what does.

So take a little time to mourn the losses, but make sure that you celebrate life...your life...the lives of your family and your friends...the lives of those you admire and who motivate you---because life is precious, and can be gone in an instant.

And in tribute to Michael Jackson:

Celebrate Life!

Luv Ya!!

Stephanie & Pixxa

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