25 July, 2009

Celebrating...Fun Food!!

I just love finding food that is fun! I guess I've not quite developed a mature palate when it comes to food. I like simple things that bring back memories of childhood.

This morning, for instance, I was watching Katie Brown's Workshop and saw a really cute recipe. It was designed for kids, but I think it could easily be adapted to even the most mature of palates.

The recipe is for Pizza Roll-Ups. Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE pizza! And this recipe is quick, simple and could go from casual snack to formal dining.

Here's the recipe:

Pizza Stick Roll-Ups
Makes 12


Two 13.8-ounce cans refrigerated pizza dough
1 cup pizza sauce
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
10 fresh basil leaves, chopped
Sesame and poppy seeds (optional, for topping)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Open and unroll one can of pizza dough and cut into 6 even rectangles. Spread ½ of the sauce on the rectangles and sprinkle with ½ of the cheese and basil. Add your choice of fillings to the center of each rectangle. Roll the dough so that you have a long pizza roll and press the seam to secure. Fold the ends under as well, so the cheese does not back out of the rolls.
3. Place roll, seam side down, on a baking sheet. Repeat with the second can of the dough. Top pizza sticks with your choice of poppy or sesame seeds, cheese, or pepperoni.
4. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until golden brown.

Here's the link to the Katie Brown website. Also check out the Zebra Mac 'N Cheese.

Just think of all the possibilities...add some fresh veggies, some pepperoni or other cooked meats...the combinations are limitless.

So if you're looking for something fun that everyone can enjoy, try out this recipe.

Have a happy today!! And remember...CELEBRATE!!!

Luv Ya!!

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