22 August, 2009

Celebrating...a great afternoon!

This past Sunday, I joined a few friends for a lovely afternoon. The weather was wonderful! The sun was shining. The temperature wasn't too hot and wasn't too cold. It was a lazy, Sunday afternoon.

We jumped in our friend's Volvo, cracked open the sun roof (or is it a moon roof? I forget the difference), and took off for a drive down Lake Shore Drive. If you've never driven down Lake Shore Drive on a beautiful afternoon, you must make plans to. I think this drive offers some of the most beautiful views of the city that you will ever see.

Anyway, we chatted and talked all the way...talking about music and birthday plans (yes, my birthday is coming up soon) and everything else under the sun. It was one of those great "girlfriends" moments that you see in the movies and on tv.

We found a parking spot and started walking toward our first destination, Phobes Cupcakes. (You knew this was going to be about cupcakes, didn't you?) While posing for a pix outside, I met 2 new friends who just couldn't resist giving me a kiss sandwich! And the sweetness (get it? kisses=sugar...sweetness?) continued once I got inside. So many choices...vanilla?
Chocolate?...Triple Chocolate? Who can decide?
Of course I decided one of each! Ha ha ha!! And then we were on our way, cupcakes in tow, to our final destination...dinner!

The restaurant is called 44th Ward Dinner Party (http://www.the44thward.com/). Quite an interesting (and political) name and the decor was very rich and dark like you'd find in a traditional library or study in some old, stuffy, rich person's house. All of this luxury for a restaurant that focuses on grilled cheese sandwiches...it was rather quaint!!
That's right, they serve primarily grilled cheese sandwiches. Everything from a basic Wonder Bread with Awerican Cheese slice to over 40 choices for a build your own. They also give you a choice of house-made potato chips or sweet and savory fries to go with your sandwich. And lucky us...Sunday is the $2 Build-Your-Own Grilled Cheese. After much deliberation, we placed our orders and were presented with platters of food. All I could say was YUM!! The sandwiches were very, very tasty and both the chips and the fries were amazing!! And talk about taking a theme all the way to the end...they even had a version of a grilled cheese for dessert. It's called a Grilled Cheesecake and is a slice of cheesecake between two pieces of poundcake that is pan fried and served with whipped cream and raspberry drizzle. And even though we had cupcakes, three of us just couldn't resist trying it. It was wonderful---and I am not a cheesecake fan! Sorry...never thought to take a pix (even though it was very pretty) until it was just about gone.

We settled up the bill and took our full bellies back to the car for the ride home. Riding along the lakefront enjoying the night air we were all glad that we had taken this time to get together for an enjoyable afternoon.

We had a good time...now it's your turn!!


Luv Ya!!

P.S. - Don't tell anyone, but after I got home, I couldn't resist digging in to the cupcakes.

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