12 August, 2009

Celebrating...Cupcakes---and More!!

Yes, I love cupcakes!! Well, it's really cake that I love...but cupcakes make a nice little package of cake...and they're cute too!! So this past weekend, I made a trip to one of Chicago's up and coming cupcake shoppes, More: Forever More Cupcakes.

Aren't they pretty?!!
There's soooooooo many choices!!!
Even little ones on the bottom shelf...
So after making a difficult decision, I selected my cupcakes and took my box home.
My selections (l-r, back row): Salted Caramel, Black & White, Chocolate-Chocolate (front row), More (like a Hostess Cupcake, chocolate-chocolate with a creamy vanilla filling), Coconut and another Chocolate-Chocolate.
So I sat down at my computer and couldn't choose between these two...so I ate them both!
The cupcakes were pretty tasty. The coconut was the best to me. I would have preferred that they all were a little sweeter, but they were good. I just can't seem to find a great chocolate cupcake...chocolate is my favorite!! Even though More was nice, I still love Molly's the best!!
Now that I have shared my cupcake celebration, I thought I'd also mention a few other things that you might want to put on your calendar.
August 15th is Best Friend's Day. It's the perfect time to do something special with your best friend. Meet for lunch, go shopping, catch a movie, take a walk in the park or just hang out and be together---whatever you do, celebrate your best friend.
August 15th is also National Relaxation Day. It's the perfect excuse to reduce stress and improve your lifestyle by relaxing. Take a few relaxing minutes or nap the whole day away---it's all about relaxing!!

Cupcakes...best friend...relaxing---lots of reasons to celebrate!!


Luv Ya!!

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