28 August, 2009

Celebrating...getting ready to celebrate!

My how time flies!! In just a few days, we will be celebrating the one year anniversary of On The Occasion of Celebration---and I have loved every minute of it!! I was trying to come up with something fun and fabulous to do to celebrate...so stay tuned. But today, I am celebrating the fact that there is cause to celebrate celebrating!!

I just love planning parties (which is funny because I am not so thrilled about attending parties)!! I love coming up with a concept and finding things to carry the theme throughout and watching it all come together and then during the party, watching the excitement as it unfolds. This is so much fun to me!! It is truly exciting when people are excited about how they are celebrating whatever occasion it is they are celebrating.

So..looking back over the last year, there are some things that I've done right, some things that I've done wrong, but I've enjoyed the ride (and hope you have too!)!! I've got some little changes planned for the coming year and I hope that you enjoy them.

As for now, I am about to get ready so I can meet some friends for dinner...celebrating old friends!!

Have a GREAT weekend...and celebrate something!!

Luv Ya!!

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