15 September, 2009

Celebrating...being famous (in my own mind)

On Sunday, Stephanie, Kara and I attended the Cupcake Meet-Up, at my fav Molly's Cupcakes, sponsored by my fav cupcake blog, Cupcakes Take The Cake. As I was catching up on their blog today, imagine my surprise when I found I was featured in a post. Check me out!! I am on cloud nine!! (Thus me celebrating being famous...in my own mind anyway!)

Well, there were quite a few of us meeting and greeting and eating cupcakes!! Rachel, from Cupcakes Takes The Cake did a great job of coordinating such a fun event. We met several new cupcake fan/friends including Sandy, the Milwaukee Queen of Cupcakes, from Iron Cupcakes, Natalie (and family) from Bake and Destroy, two girls from a cupcake shop in the Minneapolis area, Irma from Beautiful Cakes, the owner of Swirlz and some cupcake fan/friends Ryan, Lauren and Sara.

Of course we took pictures of the gorgeous Molly's cupcakes:
Here's our fearless leader, Rachel of Cupcakes Take The Cake:
There was lots of meeting...
...and greeting...
...and eating (turtle cupcake...YUM!!)!!!
After the Cupcake Meet-Up, several of us went to the Renegade Craft DIY Fair in Wicker Park. There were over 300 vendors and there was lots of neat stuff to see and buy. While there, we met Jessie of Cakespy from Seattle, WA who had special little Cuppie (her cartoon character) buttons for us.
After the craft fair, I realized that I had no cupcakes so we decided to swing by Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique. GREAT IDEA!! The shop is very modern and I LOVED it!! There were only 3 cupcakes on the shelf (we arrived 5 minutes before closing time), but the workers had cupcakes in the back that they could ice for us!! YAY!!
I got (clockwise) Lemon Coconut, Mixed Berry, Black and White and Chocolate Chocolate.
I tasted the Black and White first and I must say that the cupcake was FABULOUS!! The cake was a very dark brown and was very moist and had a GREAT flavor! And the vanilla icing was INSANE!! This has become my second favorite cupcake (behind Molly's yellow cupcake with Brown Butter Icing).
It had been a long day and I should have been off to bed, but as I was checking in on a blog, I decided I needed a snack. I ate the Chocolate Chocolate. Very good! This is the best chocolate icing (that is not a ganache) that I have had so far! It's still not excellent, but it's very, very good.
So all in all, I had happy cupcake hunting on Sunday!! Hope you had a great weekend too!!

Take care and celebrate!

Luv Ya!!

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