09 September, 2009

Celebrating…Happy 9/9/9!!!!!!!!!

Happy 9/9/9!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy it because today is the last of the single digit dates for a while…at least 101 years…and that’s only if you count only the last 2 digits of the year. Technically the next time we’ll have symmetrical dates will be in 3001, which is only 1001 years from now. Think of me if you’re still around to see it!

But back to this year, to celebrate 9/9/9…why not list 9 things that you are thankful for today, or list 9 things you’d like to work on changing over the next 9 days or 9 weeks or 9 months. Take a 9 block (or miles if you have the time and energy) walk or take 9 minutes to sit quietly and meditate. Eat 9 pieces of (what used to be) penny candy or take 9 pictures of the day’s sunset. Smile at 9 people or do 9 random acts of kindness in honor of the day. And of course you can email 9 people to wish them a happy 9/9/9!!!!!!!!!

And for those of you who remember penny candy, here’s something else you might remember:

Happy 9/9/9!!!!!!!!!

Luv Ya!!

PS-I was trying to get this posted at9:09am...but it didn't happen. Oh well!

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