19 September, 2009

Celebrating…Puppy Birthdays

This one is for the dog lovers! From the teeniest yorkie to the grandest great dane, dogs play a big part in our culture here in the US. People take their dogs almost everywhere…to the beach, shopping, to their favorite (dog friendly) restaurants…even on vacations. So I thought I’d offer some tips on planning a special celebration for your dog’s birthday. We celebrate our birthday’s---why wouldn’t you celebrate Fido’s birthday too?!! (After all…life, all life, should be celebrated!!)

Puppy parties, life those for us humanoids, can range from casual to elegant and formal. It all depends on how pampered your prince or princess is.

First you must decide on a theme and location for the party. Do you want it in your house or back yard? Do you want to do a picnic in the park? Do you want to visit one of the many doggie boutiques that do special celebrations for their canine clients?

A cute party idea that I saw a while ago was a dog party picnic in the park. The host spread out several groupings of blankets for the dogs and owners to sit on. They had doggie snacks packaged in one set of plastic containers and people snacks in another set of plastic containers (color coded for clarity). They provided plastic water dishes (which also served as a party favor) and plenty of cool, fresh water for all. For dessert they provided dog bones for the dogs and dog bone shaped cookies for the non-dogs.

Next, draft a guest list and send out invitations. I would suggest no more than 4 or 5 invited guests because too many puppies in one place could potentially be a problem. As for an invitation…why not get some dog bone treats (like Milkbone) and tie a hand written note to the bone with a satin ribbon. Mail it in a box or a small tube. Cute presentation and a prelude-to-the-party treat for the puppy.

Plan your menu and decide what activities you’ll include. Make sure you provide snacks for owners and treats for the doggies. Also make sure there is plenty of water around for the dogs to drink. And what’s a party without cake? There are several companies that produce doggie cakes, or you can make one yourself. And don’t forget the ice cream. There’s at least one brand, Paws, that’s available in your local grocery store’s freezer section.
As for activities, it will probably be easiest to allow most of the time for the dogs to mingle and play with each other (supervised of course), but it’s also fun to try a group activity/game like fetch, or chase the ball or you could do a talent show where each doggie showcases his or her special talent. If your party is in a doggie boutique, you could always do a fashion show with each dog modeling his or her favorite outfit from the boutique.

Don’t forget the decorations. If it’s a birthday party, there must be party hats! There are several on-line resources to help. As far as setting a tablescape, you need to decide if you will have the puppies sitting around a table or if you will create a tabletop for them on the ground/floor. Find a table cloth and plates that will match your theme. Paper is fine for the more casual celebrations, but if Rover is very pampered, you might want to use linens and fine china. As an alternative to a plate, you can always use plastic dog bowls. If you decide to decorate with balloons, please be very careful. If a dog breaks one by biting it, he might choke on the rubber of the balloon.

Here are some additional resources that may be of help:
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So that’s it in a nutshell! How to celebrate Man’s (or Woman’s) Best Friend’s birthday! For other ideas and for customized invitations or party favors, you can contact www.ffionline.com). This blog post is dedicated to my friend Kara who thought up this subject (though she isn’t a dog fan…how funny is that?!).

Have a great today!! Celebrate!!

Luv Ya!!

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