04 September, 2009

Celebrating...the last days of summer

This weekend marks the unofficial end to the summer season. Yes, it’s Labor Day Weekend! Time to take those yachts out for the last long leisurely ride. Time to fire up the bar-b-que for that one last grill fest. Time to start thinking about putting up the shorts and tank tops and pulling out the sweaters. And for those of you who can’t give up the trends of yesteryear, time to put up all things white.

It’s the beginning of September and that always marks the end of summer. Time to get back to school. Time for vacations to be over. Time to start getting settled in and back to everyday life. But before you settle in, why not take advantage of the last few moments of summer?

Last weekend, I took some time to be a tourist in my own town. Living in Chicago, I have not taken full advantage of so many tourist things that are available. I had never heard of the Chicago Riverwalk, but decided that a nice Sunday afternoon walk would be fun.
The walk was long, but what an interesting walk it was.

Riverwalk is supposed to be an area to take advantage of the beauty of the Chicago River.
There are several restaurants and boat slips and tourist attractions as you walk .

I even spotted a burger place that I want to go back to.
See how much fun I had being a tourist in my own city? I tell you about my River Walk adventure to suggest that wherever you are, find something that you’ve never done before to do so that you can take advantage of the last few long, sunny days.

September is also National Chicken Month. Chicken…it’s healthy, convenient, economical, and versatile. Who knew?!! (for more info, visit http://www.eatchicken.com/ or http://www.nationalchickencouncil.com/). Additionally, September is National Honey, National Mushroom and National Rice month. With those four ingredients, I bet you could come up with a really great dish...especially for the end of the month when the days turn cool and crisp! Check out http://www.recipezaar.com/ to see what you can find.

In the meantime, I’d like to share a link to this recipe for chicken that would be perfect for this last weekend of summer: Mexican Roadside Chicken from Serious Eats Doesn't this look yummy?!!

We still have a few good days left. Enjoy!

Celebrate!! Luv Ya!!

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