31 October, 2009

Happy Hallowe'en!!!

I think you've got this celebration covered!!! Wishing you lots of fun, food and friends, trick or treating goodies, pumpkins and jack o'lanterns galore!!! Happy Hallowe'en!!!
Luv Ya!!

30 October, 2009


A few days ago I was raving about how much I love the Autumn season. I enjoy the weather and the clothes and seeing the new Fall Trends. However, later that night, I remembered that Autumn isn't perfect.

Yes...I was visited by a spider. BLECK!! I hate anything bug, but for some reason spiders are especially drawn to me. I often tell a story of my Mother and I sitting in the livingroom watching television. She was sitting near the wall and I was sitting halfway across the room toward the middle of the room. I have eagle eyes when it comes to most bugs and this day was no exception. I watched this spider as he crawled along, up and down the wall and onto and off of the ceiling, slowly inching his way toward my Mother. But lo and behold, he suddenly climbed on to the ceiling and made a sharp turn and started heading right for me. He crawled all the way over to me and I kid you not, he started dropping down from the ceiling directly over my head. (Sorry to you conservationists, but yes, he died.) Similar situations happen all the time.

I don't know if I have a heightened 'spidy sense' or what, but spiders always seem to find their way to me. And now that the weather is turning cold, all of the lovely spiders are going to be coming in for a visit. So while I am totally enjoying the weather and all, I am certainly NOT celebrating spiders!!

Celebrating...bug spray!!

Luv Ya!!

28 October, 2009

Celebrating...The Cure

Me with cupcakes from Sugar Bliss in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Surely you didn't think that I would allow National Breast Care Awareness month to pass without recognition. Especially since this year marks the 25th year for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The mission is education, awareness and empowerment. I think they are doing a good job!! For the entire month there are pink banners and pink ribbons and even pink products EVERYWHERE!!

There are pink hats, pink t-shirts, pink pajamas, pink extension cords, pink blenders, pink mixers, pink vacuum cleaners, pink power tools. Even the National Football League got involved with pink gloves, pink visors on hats and pink cleats. And Sports Illustrated printed their masthead in pink.

So just because the month is winding down, please make sure your awareness doesn't. Keep promoting healthy eating, exercise and exams. And keep supporting the various charities that are supporting the search for a cure. It's time!

Celebrate...the cure, yet to come!

Luv Ya!!

27 October, 2009

Celebrating...Autumn Weather

I have decided that Autumn is my favorite season. It had always been a toss-up for me between Spring and Fall, but I think that I prefer the Fall just a smidge more. Spring is nice because everything is renewed and you are coming out of a season of (here in Chicago anyway), brutal cold and windy, wet snow. But Autumn brings so much more!

As I was driving home this evening, I thought how messy it is outside. There is a light but steady rain falling, it is dark (seems like it's getting dark just after 6pm), and the leaves are falling. But in all of that, and through the fogged-up car windows, I had a smile on my face.

I think it's because I know that the cozy time of the year is upon us. It's time to start pulling out the thick but soft heavy sweaters and the warm knitted sock. It's time to add a blanket or two to your bed and a throw on your couch. It's time to keep a scarf and a bumbershoot (yes, I could have said umbrella, but since kindergarten, I've always loved the word bumbershoot) close by.

The cool, crispness in the air...the falling, colorful leaves...the bright, sunshiny days...the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet...and the anticipation of the season's first snow...who wouldn't love it!!

19 October, 2009

Celebrating...Evaluate Your Life Day

Today is Evaluate Your Life Day. It's a day that was designed to encourage everyone to see if their life is headed in the way that had planned. I know that there are always little things that we wish we could change, but is your life on track for whatever it is you want or need to accomplish with your life? I wish that I could say that mine was, but somehow I have gone very off track.

I caught part of Oprah this morning and one of her segments was about a woman, who lived in a small town, and was being defined by her past circumstances. Oprah helped to change her path so that she now had a new story. How amazing is that?

So today, on Evaluate Your Life Day, I am going to look at the good that I have accomplished, I am going to make a plan to get to what I still hope to accomplish, and I am going to set a new path so that I can change my story. At the end of this journey called life, I want to be able to be happy with my story and by celebrating this day today, I am on my way.


Luv Ya!!

17 October, 2009

Celebrating...Sweetest Day

Happy Sweetest Day!! Yes, despite what the critics say, Sweetest Day is a day to be celebrated! No, it is not a day "invented" by the greeting card companies to sell more cards or by candy companies to move more product. Actually, the origins of Sweetest Day have nothing to do with romantic love. And no, it's not a 2nd Valentine's Day. In fact this day is not about extravagant gifts at all. It is about good deeds!
Sweetest Day was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in or near 1922. It was originally founded by a man who wanted to bring some cheer and happiness to the lives of those who had been forgotten...the elderly...children in orphanages...the sick and shut-in...etc. He brought this happiness by way of giving small gifts and candy.

And years later, this holiday is still celebrated. The theme has expanded from it's charitable beginnings to include giving expressions of appreciation to those who are special to you...family, friends...neighbors...anyone else who brings a smile to your face.

So take a little time and celebrate those who make your life special. A small token or gift or simply some other act of kindness---just a little something to make someone happy.

For additional information, visit http://www.sweetestday.com/.

Celebrate...with sweetness!!

Luv Ya!!

14 October, 2009

Celebrating…school lunch

In honor of National School Lunch week, October 12th – 16th I’d like to dedicate this post to school lunch.

Summer vacations are over and all of the kiddies are back in school. What do parents do for those finicky kids at lunch time? I was blog surfing and came across a website, Funky Lunch, that makes absolutely adorable sandwiches. If you’re ambitious, you could make these for kids lunches, but I think they’d be FABULOUS for entertaining---kids and adults alike.

Here’s a few pictures from their gallery. For even more pictures, check out their site. Visit Funky Lunch. http://www.funkylunch.com/index.htm

Think of the themes and parties you could give:

For little girls

For little boys

A party at the zoo or animal themes

Ladies who lunch

Garden parties

And even more formal fundraisers
Or…your child could have the cutest lunches in the whole school!! The possibilities are endless!!

Celebrate…with a sandwich!!
Luv Ya!!

13 October, 2009

Celebrating…National Face Your Fears Day

It’s the second Tuesday of the month…that could only mean one thing…it’s National Face Your Fears Day! It’s all about facing and trying to overcome your fears. There is a very informative website, www.FaceYourFearsToday.com, which is the official site to help folks confront and overcome the fears that hold them back.

I know that I have a few fears that I need to work on…what about you?

Celebrate…and be brave!!
Luv Ya!!

12 October, 2009

Celebrating…National Kick-Butt Day

Today is National Kick-Butt Day. No, it’s not a day to prowl the streets to beat people up. It’s more of a day of self reflection. National Kick-Butt Day is a day to commit to kicking yourself in the butt to take action on goals that you’ve set but haven’t quite achieved; actions you’ve committed to and not taken, promised made and not kept, excuses created that have stalled you, and difficulties you’ve faced and not overcome. It’s a day to get your butt in gear and move forward in your life. This day happens every year on the second Monday of October…no butts about it!!!

Celebrate…and kick some butt!!
Luv Ya!!

10 October, 2009

Celebrating...gift cards

I must admit that in the past, I've never really liked gift cards. I have always loved trying to figure out what the recipient would like, tracking it down, wrapping it in a pretty package and the moment of truth---the reveal. On the receiving end, I was always excited to try to figure out what the beautiful package placed before me held.

Gift cards and gift certificates always represented a challenge for me. I would always wait until I wanted something special before deciding to spend them. Usually by the time I figured out what I wanted, I couldn't find the gift card/certificate. So I usually ended up buying whatever it was with cash. When I would find the gift card/certificate, I would repeat the process. Over the years, i have wasted several gift certificates because they expired or stores went out of business while I tried to find the certificate or while I tried to figure out what to buy.

This year, several of my friends gave me gift cards and gift certificates for my birthday. "Oh no", I thought. But for some reason, this year was different for me. The gift cards were from one store and the gift certificates were from another and I was able to combine sales and discounts and promotion codes and coupons to create two spectacular shopping sprees...with absolutely no effect on my bank account. The second of the shopping sprees was yesterday. I almost missed it because I couldn't find the coupons that expired yesterday. But a quick look on my desk revealed the elusive coupons and off the coupons, gift cards and I went.

I had the absolute best time!!! I totally get it now. It's not that people are too busy to try to pick up something for you, or they don't know you well enough to get something that you'd really like. They would instead rather give you something that they know you will enjoy. I'm not sure if it's because at this age we tend to have already bought what we want or if it's a sign of the economic times and people don't want to risk wasting money on something that you don't like but are too "polite" to return. Whatever the reason...I have become a true fan of the gift card/gift certificate. Shopping without the financial repercussions---gotta love it!!!

Celebrate!! And don't lose those gift cards!!

Luv Ya!!

08 October, 2009

Celebrating...the hustle and the bustle

Working from home, I have the distinct pleasure of NOT having to deal with all of the daily hustle, bustle and commuting through rush hour traffic in Chicago. But yesterday I had the opportunity to drive through the loop toward the end of the morning rush and I must admit that it was nice.
Since it's Autumn, there were people dressed from t-shirts to wool full length coats with knit scarves around their necks. I love watching all of the various people pass by and in my head inventing their personal histories or guessing where they are headed. People were walking fast, they were wheeling bags and carrying coffee and briefcases.

Yes, I sometimes miss the constant interaction of being in the daily grind...but it typically lasts for only a few moments. And as I proved yesterday, I can always make a quick visit...but I wouldn't want to live there!

Luv Ya!!

06 October, 2009

Celebrating...the last smells of summer

Nothing says summer to me more than the smell of fresh mowed grass on a bright, sunny day. Well, this morning I was awakened by the load roar of lawnmowers. I thought to myself that this was one of the last days this year that the grass would be mowed; soon I will be waking to the scraping of the snow being shoveled off the sidewalks. Sigh!

So I decided to lay there for a while (under my toasty warm covers of course) and listen and enjoy the faint smell of the fresh cut grass. Unfortunately it was a rainy-ish, dark dreary kind of morning, so the full effect of summer wasn't possible, but it was a nice little vacation in my head.

Luv Ya!!

01 October, 2009

Celebrating…celebrating and fundraising

It’s October and we’re moving toward the time of the year where we plan get togethers with family and friends. It’s also the time of year when we dig a little deeper and give to organizations that help those in need. Why not combine the two?

Macy’s is partnering with Feeding America to provide 10 million meals for local food banks. It’s called Come Together for the Great American Dinner Party.

Host a party…dinner, lunch, breakfast or otherwise, and have your guests donate to Macy’s via their website (www.macys.com/cometogether). Macy’s will match donations dollar-for-dollar and together raise funds to feed 10 million meals to families in need.

Hosting a party is easy! Just visit the Macy’s website for invitations, theme ideas and recipes. There are all kinds of wonderful ideas.

Here’s a segment that was done on The View introducing the campaign.

Seems easy, right? So what better way to celebrate the season and raise some much needed funds?

Visit www.macys.com/cometogether to get started now!

Celebrate…and help others!!
Luv Ya!!