27 October, 2009

Celebrating...Autumn Weather

I have decided that Autumn is my favorite season. It had always been a toss-up for me between Spring and Fall, but I think that I prefer the Fall just a smidge more. Spring is nice because everything is renewed and you are coming out of a season of (here in Chicago anyway), brutal cold and windy, wet snow. But Autumn brings so much more!

As I was driving home this evening, I thought how messy it is outside. There is a light but steady rain falling, it is dark (seems like it's getting dark just after 6pm), and the leaves are falling. But in all of that, and through the fogged-up car windows, I had a smile on my face.

I think it's because I know that the cozy time of the year is upon us. It's time to start pulling out the thick but soft heavy sweaters and the warm knitted sock. It's time to add a blanket or two to your bed and a throw on your couch. It's time to keep a scarf and a bumbershoot (yes, I could have said umbrella, but since kindergarten, I've always loved the word bumbershoot) close by.

The cool, crispness in the air...the falling, colorful leaves...the bright, sunshiny days...the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet...and the anticipation of the season's first snow...who wouldn't love it!!

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