19 October, 2009

Celebrating...Evaluate Your Life Day

Today is Evaluate Your Life Day. It's a day that was designed to encourage everyone to see if their life is headed in the way that had planned. I know that there are always little things that we wish we could change, but is your life on track for whatever it is you want or need to accomplish with your life? I wish that I could say that mine was, but somehow I have gone very off track.

I caught part of Oprah this morning and one of her segments was about a woman, who lived in a small town, and was being defined by her past circumstances. Oprah helped to change her path so that she now had a new story. How amazing is that?

So today, on Evaluate Your Life Day, I am going to look at the good that I have accomplished, I am going to make a plan to get to what I still hope to accomplish, and I am going to set a new path so that I can change my story. At the end of this journey called life, I want to be able to be happy with my story and by celebrating this day today, I am on my way.


Luv Ya!!

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