10 October, 2009

Celebrating...gift cards

I must admit that in the past, I've never really liked gift cards. I have always loved trying to figure out what the recipient would like, tracking it down, wrapping it in a pretty package and the moment of truth---the reveal. On the receiving end, I was always excited to try to figure out what the beautiful package placed before me held.

Gift cards and gift certificates always represented a challenge for me. I would always wait until I wanted something special before deciding to spend them. Usually by the time I figured out what I wanted, I couldn't find the gift card/certificate. So I usually ended up buying whatever it was with cash. When I would find the gift card/certificate, I would repeat the process. Over the years, i have wasted several gift certificates because they expired or stores went out of business while I tried to find the certificate or while I tried to figure out what to buy.

This year, several of my friends gave me gift cards and gift certificates for my birthday. "Oh no", I thought. But for some reason, this year was different for me. The gift cards were from one store and the gift certificates were from another and I was able to combine sales and discounts and promotion codes and coupons to create two spectacular shopping sprees...with absolutely no effect on my bank account. The second of the shopping sprees was yesterday. I almost missed it because I couldn't find the coupons that expired yesterday. But a quick look on my desk revealed the elusive coupons and off the coupons, gift cards and I went.

I had the absolute best time!!! I totally get it now. It's not that people are too busy to try to pick up something for you, or they don't know you well enough to get something that you'd really like. They would instead rather give you something that they know you will enjoy. I'm not sure if it's because at this age we tend to have already bought what we want or if it's a sign of the economic times and people don't want to risk wasting money on something that you don't like but are too "polite" to return. Whatever the reason...I have become a true fan of the gift card/gift certificate. Shopping without the financial repercussions---gotta love it!!!

Celebrate!! And don't lose those gift cards!!

Luv Ya!!

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