14 October, 2009

Celebrating…school lunch

In honor of National School Lunch week, October 12th – 16th I’d like to dedicate this post to school lunch.

Summer vacations are over and all of the kiddies are back in school. What do parents do for those finicky kids at lunch time? I was blog surfing and came across a website, Funky Lunch, that makes absolutely adorable sandwiches. If you’re ambitious, you could make these for kids lunches, but I think they’d be FABULOUS for entertaining---kids and adults alike.

Here’s a few pictures from their gallery. For even more pictures, check out their site. Visit Funky Lunch. http://www.funkylunch.com/index.htm

Think of the themes and parties you could give:

For little girls

For little boys

A party at the zoo or animal themes

Ladies who lunch

Garden parties

And even more formal fundraisers
Or…your child could have the cutest lunches in the whole school!! The possibilities are endless!!

Celebrate…with a sandwich!!
Luv Ya!!

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Anonymous said...

Children that receive lunches that look like these must know they are truly loved! Too cute :-)