28 October, 2009

Celebrating...The Cure

Me with cupcakes from Sugar Bliss in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Surely you didn't think that I would allow National Breast Care Awareness month to pass without recognition. Especially since this year marks the 25th year for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The mission is education, awareness and empowerment. I think they are doing a good job!! For the entire month there are pink banners and pink ribbons and even pink products EVERYWHERE!!

There are pink hats, pink t-shirts, pink pajamas, pink extension cords, pink blenders, pink mixers, pink vacuum cleaners, pink power tools. Even the National Football League got involved with pink gloves, pink visors on hats and pink cleats. And Sports Illustrated printed their masthead in pink.

So just because the month is winding down, please make sure your awareness doesn't. Keep promoting healthy eating, exercise and exams. And keep supporting the various charities that are supporting the search for a cure. It's time!

Celebrate...the cure, yet to come!

Luv Ya!!

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