08 October, 2009

Celebrating...the hustle and the bustle

Working from home, I have the distinct pleasure of NOT having to deal with all of the daily hustle, bustle and commuting through rush hour traffic in Chicago. But yesterday I had the opportunity to drive through the loop toward the end of the morning rush and I must admit that it was nice.
Since it's Autumn, there were people dressed from t-shirts to wool full length coats with knit scarves around their necks. I love watching all of the various people pass by and in my head inventing their personal histories or guessing where they are headed. People were walking fast, they were wheeling bags and carrying coffee and briefcases.

Yes, I sometimes miss the constant interaction of being in the daily grind...but it typically lasts for only a few moments. And as I proved yesterday, I can always make a quick visit...but I wouldn't want to live there!

Luv Ya!!

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