02 November, 2009

Celebrating...helping others, one person at a time

I must admit that I love commercials. Most people flip the channels or fast forward, but unless I've seen them before, I am glued to the commercials too. I especially love those commercials that tug at my heartstrings and bring a tear (or two) to my eye.

The latest commercial that has captured my heart is the little girl who loses her dog, Sara. The commercial is for a phone company advertising their wireless phone features, but it brilliantly combines their features with social networking and a college campus. The result is that as the little girl is walking around posting flyers for her dog, the technology has her dog waiting for her on her front steps.

Are people really this nice? I look back to my college days and yes, I do think that college kids would do something like this to help a little kid get their dog back. But today? I'm not sure. People are so "busy" with their lives...do we really, as a society, take the time to help our fellow man? Would we even take the time to read a posted flyer about a lost dog?

I look at this commercial and there is a spark of hopefulness ignited. And I think, what can I do to help steer mankind in that direction? Well, I have a blog that is here for the world to read, so I decided to write about it. So here is my small effort that I am hoping will somehow help to make a difference to make the world a better place.

Take a look at the video...

Ahhhh...now don't you have a good feeling?

Celebrate...helping others!

Luv Ya!!

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