04 November, 2009

Celebrating...MAJOR Sugar Rush

It was my intention to talk about caramel apples today, but I just came across something that was just too good to not share! I was reading an e-newsletter that I get, Serious Eats Recipes, and there was an entry for Leftover Halloween Candy Pie. Well, since Halloween just passed, I was intrigued (especially since I LOVE candy), so I clicked the link and as they say, the rest is history.
The recipe is from Cakespy and it's really super easy! So gather up all of your candy (or if you have kids, grab them and their candy), get or make a pie crust, throw in your candy, bake and serve. (for exact directions check the instructions on the link)

The direct link is:

It might be tricky mixing flavors and candy types, but all in all it looks like this is a win-win situation!! Enjoy!!


Luv Ya!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe!College students really like it. A group used it as an ice breaking activity during a meeting following Halloween. One of the participants is a student leader in his residence hall. So during finals week, his residence hall made and served these. I understand the treat helped every one stayed alert :-)