12 November, 2009

Celebrating...realized dreams

Okay, so maybe the title of this post sounds a little deep and profound for what it is, but there is a lesson that can be learned.

It all started as a joke. Ellen DeGeneres instead of making a new year's resolution this year, started her "O Yes I Can" campaign to be pictured on the cover of O Magazine with Oprah. At the time, no one had ever shared the cover with Oprah, so it really seemed like an impossible feat. But then the April issue was released and The First Lady, Michelle Obama, appeared on the first shared cover with Oprah. Obviously Michelle Obama was featured for different reasons than Ellen could be...First Lady vs talk show host/comedienne, but Ellen persisted.

It took dedication, persistance and a really creative staff who made several mock-up copies of magazine covers, but about 2 weeks after the Michelle Obama cover was announced, Oprah popped in on Ellen's show (via satellite) and invited Ellen to join her on a future magazine cover. Ellen was genuinely excited! But who wouldn't be? She set a goal and worked her hardest to make it happen.

So while making the cover of a magazine might not seem like a deep or profound goal, the lesson to be learned is that anything can happen...you never know until you try...and any number of other appropriate clich├ęs that fit here. The bottom line---set a goal and work your hardest to achieve it. You never know where it might take you!

Oh and since Ellen won't be the first to share a cover with Oprah, Orpah decided to try another first. This will be the first issue where there will have 2 covers. Newstands will have one cover and subscribers will receive another cover. To check out the two covers, along with 2 others that were shot, see below. If you are a collector, you might want to pick up your copy early. They are expecting this to be the highest selling issue of O ever. The December issue of O Magazine is available on newstands today or you can order thru Oprah's website or Ellen's website.

Newsstand Cover

Subscriber Cover

Optional Cover 1Optional Cover 2

Celebrating because dreams can come true!!

Luv Ya!!

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