01 December, 2009

Celebrating...24 more days until Christmas

Happy December 1st!! Christmas Crunch Time!! I absolutely LOVE this time of year!! The decorations...people smiling on the street...shopping...Christmas Carols...and plans to get together with family and friends!! I kicked off my holiday season this past Saturday at a sing-a-long at The Music Box Theatre here in Chicago. They featured The Sound of Music and it was an interactive, sing-a-long, fun, good time!! They gave us various props that we were to use throughout the movie...and with the words scrolling on the screen, it was almost like being in the movie!!
Growing up in Chicago, it seems that one of the local traditions (I've not found anyone outside of the Chicago area who remotely knows what I am talking about with this) was the viewing of 3 short animated films that were always played on our local network, WGN. I was excited to find them on YouTube last year and I posted them here (December 15, 2008 post). So since these speak Christmas to me, I thought I would try to make this an annual tradition. So without further adieu. I bring you...

SUZY SNOWFLAKE (courtesy of the Museum of Broadcast Communications)

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN (courtesy of the Museum of Broadcast Communications)

HARDROCK COCO AND JOE (courtesy of the Museum of Broadcast Communications)

And remember...only 24 more days (23 more shopping days) until Christmas!!!

Celebrating...the Christmas season!!

Luv Ya!!

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MuseumDotTV said...

Thanks for posting the holiday videos! If anyone is interested in some other Chicago-focused videos, check out our website at Museum.TV - we have a feature right now called "The Making of Bozo, Gar & Ray" that goes behind the scenes of the WGN-TV special about Bozo the Clown, Garfield Goose, and Ray Rayner, among other Chicago legends.

And check out the Museum.TV shop where you can purchase the Museum Holiday Collection on DVD!

Thanks again.