26 February, 2010

Celebrating...our 4 legged friends (puppies)

Martha Stewart is amazing to me! Don't get me wrong...I know that she has a huge staff of people who research and create and produce the items on her show, but I think there is something about Martha that just inspires people. She seems to be all about trying to make things yourself. Cooking your own restaurant quality food, doing your own gardening, and crafting your own things. So I try to watch as often as I can.

Earlier this week, I happened to catch part of her show. If you've ever seen her show, you know that Martha Stewart LOVES animals. She has quite an array of pets but I think her favorites are her French Bulldogs Sharkey and Francesca.

One of the segments of this particular show was how to make a dog sweater. It was very cute so I thought I'd share it with you.
Here's the link directly to the Martha Stewart site:
Dog Sweater Instructions

So if you have a cute little puppy, or have a friend who does, pull out your sewing machine and make a cute little sweater for your puppy to enjoy.

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