11 February, 2010

Celebrating...smart spending

I absolutely LOVE Superbowl Sunday!! I am not a fanatic football fan, but I do enjoy watching the occasional game. But Superbowl Sunday is the pinnacle!! Not only do you get to watch the football game BUT you get to watch the fabulous work of those advertising and marketing professionals in their Superbowl COMMERCIALS!! Mind you, I love watching commercials anyway, but this day is supposed to have the best of the best! Afterall, this is the most expensive time to run commercials for the entire year.

So this past weekend, I rushed in the house just in time to catch Queen Latifah singing, and sat back ready to watch a wonderful game and see the new commercials. To make a long story short, I thought the first half (game and commercials) was a snore! The game picked up during the second half, but the comercials---I was DEFINITELY disappointed!!

After the festivities, I realized that I didn't remember seeing a Pepsi commercial. Well after 2 days of trying to figure out if I'd missed the Pepsi commercials, Demi Moore was on The Ellen Show and explained that Pepsi did not advertise this year, opting instead to donate $20 million dollars toward their new campaign, the Pepsi Refresh Project. The basic gist of the program is that they are accepting 1000 applications per month for the entire year, to distribute grants to people, businesses and non-profits who have ideas that will make a positive impact. What an absolutely COOL idea!!

Later, I was watching The Wendy Williams Show and she was chatting with guest Raven-Simone. Raven was talking about another initiative from Pepsi, called Pepsi We Inspire. This initiative is an on-line community for women to give them a platform to tell what inspires them, thus inspiring others.

What an awsome thing for Pepsi to do...instead of focusing on their bottom line and trying to be clever in advertising, they decided to put their money to good use and help people! Excellent strategy for building a loyal customer base!!

Check out these two Pepsi initiatives (links above) and...

Celebrate community!!

Luv Ya!!


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Anonymous said...

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