10 February, 2010


Was checking in with one of the blogs that I follow and found out that today is umbrella day. Interesting that this day isn't in the spring when most places in our country are more likely to have rain (rather than the snow the bulk of our country, especially the east, has been pummeled with over the past week), but nonetheless...it is cause for celebration!!

The post that I saw was on Paper Crafts Connection and since I thought Betsy Veldman did such a wonderful job, I thought I would refer you there (click here). Who knows, the craft projects that follows the umbrella information might make you want to pick up some paper and start crafting---especially if you are snowed in today!

Happy Umbrella Day!!

Luv Ya!

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Anonymous said...

You find the cutest subjects to write about. The crafts were adorable. I must admit actual umbrellas can make me smile on a rainy day. The wide variety of colors, designs and styles become a public art experience. And then there is the considerate raise up, lower down, tilt to the side choreography among us pedestrians to avoid bumping into one another. A little thing that becomes fun.