09 March, 2010

Celebrating...Barbie's Birthday

Happy Birthday to the pink princess of most little girl's (and big girls too) fantasy!! Yep, today, March 9th is known as Barbie's birthday. Mattel introduced the first Barbie on March 9, 1959 and the world would never be the same!

She's undergone numerous changes, had too many careers to count, and had clothing designed for her from the biggest and the best designers all over the world.
Last year was the big Barbie celebration as she turned 50---and boy was it a year of pink celebrations. This year, there are a few other notable Barbie celebrations.

In 1980, Mattel introduced the first Black Barbie. To be clear, there were other Black dolls in Mattel's line (Francie, Christie and Julia), but 1980 was the first time Barbie was Black. HAPPY 30th ANNIVERSARY BLACK BARBIE!!!

This year also marks the 15th Anniversary of Kelly, Barbie's little sister. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KELLY!!!

This year also marks the 10th Anniversary of Silkstone Barbies. Silkstones are made of a material that feels a little like porcelain with out the breakability factor. These dolls have become fast favorite among alot of collectors because they have the retro/vintage look without the pricetag of a vintage doll. They are also usually impeccably dressed and have major Barbie snobitute!! HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY SILKIES!!!

And in case you are interested in starting or expanding a Barbie collection, Mattel is offering a 25% discount in honor of Barbie's birthday (well, technically they call if anniversary). Log on to www.BarbieCollector.com for details on this one-day only sale. Or if you'd like to reminiscence on yesteryear, there are several mass market retailers (Toys R Us, Kroger, Fred Meyer have been reported) offering a modern take of Superstar Barbie for $3. That sale ends this weekend I think.

So think pink...polish your fingernails pink...bake a pink cupcake...wear a pink outfit...and of course put on your pinkest lipstick and have a wonderful Barbie's birthday!!

Luv Ya!!

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Wishing all a Happy Barbie Birthday!