26 March, 2010

Celebrating...candy fluff

I was watching The Wendy Williams Show today and Jaime Oliver was on talking about his new show, Food Revolution. As he was talking (I LOVE his accent), he mentioned going to the circus and having some candy fluff. I fell in love!

I've always had a thing for the unique, the different and sometimes the strange---especially names. Candy fluff is THE cutest name for cotton candy! I'm guessing that's what he was referring to. And since I LOVE cotton candy...er...um...candy fluff, I thought...let's celebrate it!

Now...the circus...that's another story! But celebrate candy fluff!!

Luv Ya!!

P.S. - Don't forget...tomorrow night at 8pm whatever time zone you're in---lights out for Earth Hour!!


Anonymous said...

I have seen pre-packaged plastic containers at street festivals reading both Candy Fluff and Candee Fluff. Not sure if it tastes the same as the recently twirled stuff from the machine, but it is what we also know as cotton candy.

Pixxa said...

Thanks for letting me know! I guess when I see what looks like cotton candy, I am too busy deciding what color I want to actually read the package. LOL!!