17 March, 2010

Celebrating...St. Patrick's Day!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Today is the day most of us wear green, eat corned beef and cabbage, drink green beer and wear buttons that say "kiss me, I'm Irish", whether you have an Irish heritage or not. So instead of celebrating like everyone else, I thought I would share some little know facts about St. Patrick's Day that I found on the website, Associated Content. The article, Ten Little Known St. Patrick's Day Facts was authored by Brenda Skipper and published in 2007.

Of the 10 little known facts, I'd like to share 3 of them. To see the entire article, click here.

The first is his name. According to the article, St. Patrick's given name was Maewyn Succat.

Next is the color green. The actual color associated with St. Patrick's Day is blue, not green.

Finally, the shamrock. In ancient Ireland, the shamrock symbolized the rebirth of spring and therefore was a sacred plant. St. Patrick used the shamrock, which typically has three leaves, to explain The Trinity to the Irish.

If you'd like a little more detailed information, I found another blog, My Heritage, that might satisfy your St. Patrick's Day curiosity.

So while you are looking for that leprechaun and his pot of gold, make sure you celebrate the true meaning of St. Patrick's Day.

Toss me some of that gold!!

Luv Ya!!
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