02 March, 2010

Celebrating…the first signs of spring

Spring is definitely on the way! Know how I know? I had my first spider sighting. Though I’ve had to become brave, I absolutely HATE spiders and for some reason it seems like they are drawn to me. And the Spring and the Fall are THE WORST because we get a ton if these eight legged creatures.

But since Spring is not too far away, I thought I’d share some fun information that I found in a magazine that I was reading. When you think Spring, you naturally think flowers. So as I was reading the February 8, 2010 Woman’s World magazine (), I happened upon an article that talks about how flowers make people happy and healthy. Here is a brief summary of the article.

Flowers Really Do Make Us Happy---and Healthy! highlights the benefits of flowers besides just being pretty and smelling good.

Roses do bring out the romantic in you because of the chemical phenylethylamine. This chemical causes the lovely rose scent and has been proven to trigger the release of feel-good endorphins especially those that help you mimic the feelings of being in love. And people who sleep in rose scented rooms seem to have happier dreams.

Daffodils keep your brain young because they contain galantamine which is a compound that improves memory and reasoning. In some cases it has also been proven to curb age-related decline. This chemical is available in capsule form if you’d like to try it.

Magnolias help to ease your anxiety. Also available in capsules, the magnolia has two chemicals (actually phytochemicals) which are as effective as Valium, without the grogginess, at easing stress and anxiety. It has also been proven that they boost memory and problem-solving skills.

Jasmine helps to improve dexterity and concentration because the fragrance activates the beta waves in your brain that make you focus.

Gerbera Daisies (one of my favorite flowers) help to detoxify the air around you and their bright colors make you more alert.

Lavender helps with noticing details and catching mistakes. Linalool is a chemical in lavender’s essential oil that stimulates GABA production in the brain. GABA is a soothing neurotransmitter that heightens your ability to notice details.

In addition to these specific flowers, fragrant flowers, like gardenias, violets or lilacs, help to improve your memory. So if you have a big test to study for you might want to fill your room with one of these.

Finally, studies have shown that people who see flowers first thing in the morning tend to be more cheerful all day long!

So stop and buy some blooms…they could make you feel smarter, feel better or at the very least give you a bit of cheer to spread!

Celebrate…and stop to smell the roses!

Luv ya!!



Anonymous said...

Eek! Spiders already? Say it isn't so.
On the other hand, I think flowers are wonderful. Thanks for letting us know that there are scientific benefits for being around them. I encourage your readers to consider enjoying blooming plants or at least organic local flowers if they must have the cut variety. Doing so is more environmentally friendly, eliminating the chemicals that impact the workers, water supply, and consumers, plus the pollution associated with long distance or oversees shipping is reduced.

Pixxa said...

Very good point about enjoying blooming plants or buying organic cut stems! Thanks for the "green" reminder!!!