30 April, 2010

Celebrating...cakes---day 6

Friday...the start of the weekend. That means it's party time!! How about a sweet little margarita cupcake? Afterall, cupcakes are cakes too!

Summer Breeze Margarita Cupcakes
For recipe and instructions, check out Bake Decorate Celebrate!'s website (click link for recipe)

A toast to the weekend!!

Luv Ya!!

29 April, 2010

Celebrating...cakes---day 5

While I enjoy a beautiful, decadent dessert, when it comes right down to it, there is nothing that I enjoy more than the basics. Today...caramel cake.

Fabulous Caramel Cake
This recipe is from Hostess with the Mostess (click link for recipe)

Do you say KAR mel or CARE i mel?

Luv Ya!!

28 April, 2010

Celebrating...cakes---day 4

Are you tired of cakes yet? I hope not because I am enjoying this trip down the sweet lane of cakes. Well, it's hump day so I thought today would be perfect for a wonderful combination of flavors.

The Perfect Party Cake
This 'fluffy white cake' is filled with lots of fruit flavors...coconut, raspberry and lemon---YUM!

Check out the blog Slow Like Honey for a cute write up and the recipe on this perfect for spring cake! (click link for recipe)

I think it's the perfect cake for a Mother's Day Tea Party!

Luv Ya!!

27 April, 2010

Celebrating...cakes---day 3

I don't remember the first time I saw her cake balls and cake pops, but I do remember when the lady who runs Bakerella was on Martha Stewart's show. I thought the cake balls was an amazing idea---especially when thinking about party planning. It's a bite sized treat that even the most health conscious person wouldn't mind indulging in. And to stick a stick in the cake ball to make a cake pop---ingenious!! So today...cake balls, of the red velvet variety.

Red Velvet Cake Balls
Check out the recipe for this and more at Bakerella (click link for recipe)

Have a ball!!

Luv Ya!!

26 April, 2010

Celebrating...cakes---day 2

Well, while we are doing lots of layers...and because it's Monday and we need something to kick off the week with a smile, today let's see a rainbow cake. This cake was featured on the Martha Stewart show last week by blogger Kaitlin Flannery of Whisk Kid.

Rainbow CakeNow that's a slice of cake!!!

For recipe, see Martha Stewart's site (click the link for the recipe)

Celebrate rainbows and cake...a winning combination!

Luv Ya!!

25 April, 2010

Celebrating...cakes---day 1

So, since cakes and cupcakes are one of my most favorite things, I thought it might be fun to do a week of cakes. So let's not waste any time...here's the cake for day one.

Mile-High Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream
Photo by Brian Finke from the BonAppetit site (click the link for the recipe).

Chocolate anyone?

Luv Ya!!

22 April, 2010

Celebrating...Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!!

This WWF Malaysia photo shows a seven-centimetre flat-headed frog, known as the "Barbourula kalimantanensis", discovered in 2008 and which breathes entirely through its skin instead of lungs, in an unknown location in the "Heart of Borneo", in a remote area of dense, tropical rainforest that borders Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

(AFP/File/David Bickford)

Celebrate the earth!!

Luv Ya!!


11 April, 2010


A friend passed this on to me and I thought it would be perfect to celebrate our innovative fellow man. Some people call it laziness---but you've got to admit these are pretty innovative!!
"Hey kids...let's go for a comfy ride in the wagon!"

"Why bother attaching the cabinet to the wall...this works just as well!"

"Steps and storage all in one!"

Flat screen mounted for in-bed viewing.

"You wanted hands free, it's hands free!"

"Who needs bricks when you've got Legos?"

You can do things right...but sometimes it's more fun to do it differently. Celebrate innovation!

Luv Ya!!

02 April, 2010

Celebrating...PB&J Day!!

Happy Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!! I don't remember the last time I had a pb&j sandwich...and I'm not sure why. I LOVE pb&j's!! So when I saw the newsfeed from ABC Chicago News, I knew that I had to share this with you.

Not only is a pb&j a good treat, but can you believe they are good for the environment?!! According to the PB&J Campaign, "each time you have a pb&j, you shrink your carbon footprint, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution, you cut back on habitat destruction, and you conserve water." Pretty cool for something so yummy, huh? Their theory is that any plant-based meal that you eat, instead of meals based around various meats can make a big impact. (Seems like a great site to check out if you are interested in living green.)

Then I found a website, Favor Affair, that has a free, 18-page downloadable e-book, National Peanut Butter & Jelly Party Guide. Really? An 18 page party guide? You know I had to download it and it's so cute!! It features all kinds of pb&j facts and links to cool and interesting pb&j stuff (including a link to a recipe to make pb&j hot wings). It's not really a party guide, but more interesting facts about pb&j.

If you are thinking of celebrating pb&j day with a cocktail, I even found a recipe for PB&J Jell-O Shots. Or if pizza is your thing, here's a recipe for pb&j pizza. Or...just simply take some bread, peanut butter and your favorite flavor of jelly, and enjoy!!

Guess what's for dinner?!!

Luv Ya!!

Celebrating...happy on Good Friday

First, I'd like to wish you a Happy Good Friday. It's almost time to celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ. In addition to that, it's almost time to get off of your Lent diet. So in keeping with that, (and the fact that most people will have some Peeps in their Easter Baskets on Sunday), I thought I would share the link to the Washington Post's annual Peeps contest photo gallery. It is AMAZING what people can do with some sugar coated marshmallows!! And some of these are so cute they just make you happy and put a smile on your face!!

Washington Post Peeps Gallery

Enjoy Peeping!!

Luv Ya!!