24 May, 2010

Celebrate...bringing the heat

I was reading a friend's Facebook post last night and the comment that he made was if you blinked you've already missed spring in Chicago. Although we are still about a month a way from the summer season, Chicago is bringing the heat. Chicago is notorious for having only 2 seasons...winter and summer. Either it is cold, windy and wet or it's hot and humid. There is usually a week or two inbetween where we get nice, calm weather, but as my friend said, if you blinked, you missed it. Yesterday the temps were in the low 90s, today we're around 90, in fact the weather for the rest of the week is projected to be nothing lower than the mid 80s. And the humidity...as usual for Chicago, it's high.

So today, I celebrate Mother Nature bringing the heat. Pardon me while I crank up the air conditioner!!

Enjoy the heat!!

Luv Ya!

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