04 September, 2010

Celebrate...with one last summer hurrah

Can you believe that that Labor Day holiday weekend is already upon us? It seems as if it was only a few posts ago when we were celebrating the start of summer! Okay...it really was a few posts again since it seems that I took most of the summer off from blogging. But seriously...now is the time for that one big, last hurrah. Summer is slowly slipping away. Gone are the days (in my neck of the woods anyway) when it didn't get dark until almost 9pm. When you look up at about 7:30pm now, it's almost dark. That means that it's time to break out that favorite pair of sandals for one last wearing...crank up the bbq grill for one last summer party...squeeze out the last bit of suntan lotion and slather it on...grab that blanket or lawn chair and lay out and soak up the sun one more time!

It's been a great summer!! Bright, sun-shiny days, warm nights with cool breezes, high temps and not too much rain. Don't forget to make mental notes of all of the summer fun...soon we'll be celebrating the memories of these last glorious days of summer!!

Have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend!!

Luv Ya!!

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