08 September, 2010

Celebrating...the comfort of a teddy bear

Woke up this morning to a cool, crisp, bright, sunshiny day---and it was wonderful!! Although some people aren't yet ready for Autumn to start, I have had more than enough of summer and welcomed the breeze as it floated through the house. It made me smile and burrow down under the cozy comfort of my sheets. And I immediately remembered the days when I would awake with my teddy bear tucked under my arm.

I have always loved dolls and teddy bears and always, even to this day, kept a nice collection of them. I love all kinds of teddy bears, new fluffy ones, old-fashioned scruffy ones and everything inbetween. But there was one special one.

I loved MY teddy bear! His name was David. (No, this pix is not my David.) I got him in 6th grade and he saw me through my college years and a little beyond. Now David was a rather big teddy bear, but there was always room for him when I snuggled 'neath the covers on a crisp, Fall day. He was always there with his big brown eyes and his open arms whether I needed a hug, a smile, a shoulder to cry on or someone to tell my secrets to. He was there to share in the good times and to comfort me and let me know that everything would be okay.

David brought me happiness and this morning reminded me of times past when he was my best buddy. He has since moved on to that big stuffed animal kingdom in the sky, but the times we shared will always be remembered. And as I snuggle underneath the covers, I smile and remember the cozy comfort of my teddy bear.

Celebrate the things that bring you comfort!

Luv Ya!!

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