14 September, 2010

Celebrating...the Moon

Photo taken from www.apod.nasa.gov Saguaro Moon by Stefan Seip

I have a friend who is celebrating her birthday this week and in her honor, I thought I'd celebrate the moon. She is definitely a moon fan and often captures beautiful pictures of the moon rising over the lake her in Chicago. Today the moon enters it's first quarter so I thought today would be a good day to celebrate the moon.

My favorite time to see the moon is just as it's rising over the horizon before it starts climbing in the sky. It's so big and mysterious and beautiful and it just lights up the night when the sky is clear.
If you are more interested in the phases of the moon and more scientific information about the first quarter, I think Wikipedia has a nice article. But if you're just like me and just like to look up in the sky to appreciate the moon's beauty, that's okay too.
So tonight, take a look up into the clear, evening sky and celebrate the moon!
Luv Ya!!

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