28 October, 2010


I can't believe that October is almost already over. I have let a great month go by without alot of celebrations. I know I am trying to keep this blog from becoming another foodie blog, but this was a great month that I should have been celebrating. October is National Apple Month (I could have done so much talking about different types of apples, making caramel and candy apples and talked about apple picking), National Cookie Month (do I even mention that I could have done a cookie of the day for the entire month ), National Pizza Month (have I mentioned that pizza is one of my favorite foods?), and National Pretzel Month (home made pretzels...yum!). I missed out on celebrating alot with you!! But there's still a few days left for you if you are so inclined to celebrate any of these things this month. Fortunately, I didn't miss THE most important day...

Today...October 28th, is National Chocolate Day. Now anyone who knows me, knows that chocolate is one of my basic four food groups. (smile) No way should I ever miss out on celebrating ANYTHING chocolate---EVER!!! So here I am, ekeing in to celebrate National Chocolate Day! I think I am going to celebrate by going out and buying a chocolate bar, but no matter what, you should do something to celebrate too (that is, if you are a chocolate fan).

I found a really neat post about National Chocolate Day at SQUIDOO and they have some really interesting tidbits on chocolate. You can even celebrate today by taking the Chocoholic's Pledge.

So for heaven's sake, if you are a chocoholic like me, do something to celebrate National Chocolate Day!!

Luv Ya!!

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