01 October, 2010


Happy October!! It was a long, hot summer, but things are now starting to cool down as the earth prepares for it's winter slumber. These are the days I enjoy most...low humidity, cooler temperatures, and the sun seems to spread a lovely goldish-orange cast on everything. And soon, the leaves will start their magnificent color change---and it will be time to pull out the cozy, comfy sweaters.

Being a month of transition, October is known for alot of different things. Did you know that in 1892, this was the first day of classes at the University of Chicago? Or that Disney World opened on this date in 1971? Or that Night of the Living Dead was released on this date in 1968...and four years later, the book, The Joy of Sex was published?

October 1st is also Lee (Jeans) National Denim Day, National Diversity Day, World Smile Day and World Vegetarian Day. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (don't forget those self-exams), National Popcorn Poppin' Month, Spinach Lovers Month, Photographer Appreciation Month and National Chili Month.

Wow...that's alot to celebrate!! Pick one...or two...or three and go for it!!

Happy October!!

Luv Ya!!

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