01 November, 2010


Happy November!! Can you believe that we have already lived through 10 of the 12 months we get in the year 2010? And in 2 short months we'll be celebrating the dawn of a new year, 2011. But between now and then, we pass through my favorite time of year...preparing for the holidays. Now that Halloween is past, it is time for all of the Christmas decorations to come up. I love seeing all of the bright twinkle lights everywhere you go. And of course this means this is the busiest time of year for celebrating...office parties, get-togethers with friends, family dinners---let the celebrations begin!!

And though there are lots of parties and events over the next few months, this is also the time for my most important hobby---shopping!! How could you not love this time of year?!! But in all the busy-ness, make sure you take time to rest among all of the celebrating. You want to make sure that you pace yourself so that you make it through the celebrating without missing a thing. Finally, it's also the time of year when we stop to think of our fellow man and help others. Don't forget to plan accordingly. In this interesting time, there are so many who could use a little hand.

So let's celebrate getting ready to celebrate...as the celebration season is here---that is after tomorrow...election day. Don't forget to vote!!

Luv Ya!!

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Anonymous said...

November already? Happy Election Day!