30 December, 2010

Celebrating...dazzling desserts for New Year's Eve

I know...I know...I keep saying that this will NOT become a foodie blog---yet all I do is post about food. Ha ha...today is no different. Well...actually it is a little different. Instead of posting one food thing, I'm posting TWO...ha ha ha!!

Earlier this week, I watched Oprah and she had the sisters from Georgetown Cupcakes on. They showed the absolute cutest dessert perfect for a birthday, an anniversary or...hmmm---NEW YEAR'S EVE!! It's Strawberry Champagne Sparkle Cupcakes. Here's a link to the recipe and here's a link to the video. Aren't these FAB?!!

The second thing that I want to share is a link to Sugar Swings blog for Neopolitan Cupcakes. These seem easy enough, but I think the presentation is adorable. Here's the link to the instructions.

Fancy and sweet!! Hope however you plan to celebrate out with the old and in with the new, that you have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2011!!

Happy New Year!!

Luv Ya!!

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