28 January, 2011

Celebrate...Fun at Work Day

Today is Fun at Work Day!  Hmmm...can you think of any simple ways that you can have fun at work today?  I don't usually like practical jokes, so I certainly am not recommending that.  They are usually only funny at some elses expense.  Not cool! 

One thing that I used to do at one job I had was participate in an afternoon break.  We would all gather together and  go for an ice cream break.  It was fun...a bunch of adults standing around like little kids with our ice cream.  And it was quite a boost going back to work for the afternoon.

Something else that could be fun is to plan a little morning walk...around the halls or around the parking lot.  Or plan to order lunch in for everyone...or plan for everyone to go out together at lunch time.  It's too late for this now, but it would be fun to plan something like wear your fav sports team shirt, or wear a particular color from head to toe or wear your pajamas to work day.  Then arrange some sort of contest.

There is so much that you can do---even in a short amount of time.  So think of something that can work in your office and enjoy Fun at Work today!!

Luv Ya!!

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