12 February, 2011

Celebrating...things to come

It's Auto Show time in Chicago. I remember as a child that our family used to go every year to see what was new. I would love climbing in the cars and pretending I was a grown up driving all the roads. And I was expert at collecting all of the brochures so I could come home and dream about all of the possibilities.

Well it's been a few decades since I've gone to the Auto Show, but I can still feel the excitement when I hear the news reports about the opening of the show. And every year I vow to go, but I never do.

Anyway, I just came upon this information about a true care of the future. The reporter said that maybe in the next 10 - 20 years, we will be whizzing around in these...or something similar. One can dream, right?!!

Enjoy this report! And celebrate all that is yet to be!!

Luv Ya!!

GM Hy-Wire "Car of the Future"

GM Hy-Wire "Car of the Future"

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